Whole Wheat Quick Bread With Banana and Slivered Almonds
Enjoy the benefits of whole grain with this easy-to-make quick bread! Homemade Banana-Nut Whole Wheat Bread takes about an hour from start to finish.

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Healthy Holidays!  How to control your weight during the Holidays.
Celebrate the Holidays without worrying about gaining weight. A few simple techniques will empower you to enjoy the Season without guilt.

Holiday Weight Control

Quick Easy Tips To Stay Trim Without Becoming A Grinch!

By Mary Curtis

"Tis' the Season to be jolly," as the old song says but it can also be the dreaded season for weight gain. This time of year, it's almost impossible to not eat more. But eating more doesn't mean you have to gain weight. These tips will make your celebrations truely merry and bright!

Without becoming a Grinch and completely denying yourself the tasty pleasures of the Season, you can win this yearly battle. Here's how:

1. Increase your physical activity:

An increase in activity helps counter those extra calories. You don't have to work out until you're sore to burn them off either - simple activites like walking will help. For instance, you can:

  1. Park at the far end of the aisle when shopping instead of parking up close to the building. Those extra steps will count toward burning those extra calories.
  2. Take the stairs at work.
  3. If you belong to a gym, stop on the way home from shopping or after an office party.
  4. Or, take a walk around the shopping mall.

2. Take small amounts of food:

Many holiday foods are rich in sugars and fats and, therefore, calories. But, you don't have to deny yourself these once-a-year treats. Just take less. One cookie, a couple of pieces of candy, a thin slice of cake is satisfying but saves a lot of calories. You can enjoy without overdoing the calories.

Don't stress out:

Strive to relax and stay happy. Holidays can be stressful at times and stress produces pounds. One way to beat the stress is to exercise. Put on some music and dance for five-minutes. Or sit quietly in meditation and find your calm center again.

The holiday season doesn't have to be an anuual season of weight gain. By increasing your activity, staying calm, and taking small portions, you can have a good time without ruining your figure.

So, have fun and to you and yours, Have a very Happy and Healthy Holiday!