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Healthy Eating: 10 Ways to Get Your Family to Eat Vegetables!

By Karien Jones, Guest Author

"Nothing could be more exciting for them than to choose what they prefer rather than forcing them with certain food items of your taste and choice."

You will observe many obese children and overweight adults today. What is more important to know is, what exactly is our daily food intake, and then to bring about some healthy changes in our daily diet. However, it is not an individual who is solely responsible to bring this change. In fact it largely depends upon the joint efforts of the entire family.

One of the major obstacles to bring this change is the choice and food preference of your children.

Here are some of the vegetarian food tips to make your children eat healthy food:

1. Let the Children choose the food: You can send your children to a grocery shop and make them choose a new vegetable or a fruit of their choice. Nothing could be more exciting for them than to choose what they prefer rather than forcing them with certain food items of your taste and choice.

2. Make them cook too: After an exciting shopping experience you can also make your children make a grand lunch or dinner out of the vegetables they have bought from the store. You can give them various choices of making pasta, soups, salad and stir fries. With the veggies placed in small bowls you can let your child make creative yet delicious food out of it.

3. Eradicate the Canned products: It is a noted fact that fresh vegetables are always healthy and tastier than the canned products. You can hit many farmers markets or vegetable shops to select some of the fresh vegetables and fruits rather than opting for unhealthier canned veggies.

4. Let your children play a game: You can choose carrots that serve as the best super vision products for you as well as your children. They can play games to gain a good knowledge and know some of the healthier veggie facts.

5. Make easier access for your child to veggies: Make it easy for your child to open the drawers of fresh fruits and vegetables. This will help them immediately choose the one at the time when they are hungry.

6. Try out different spicy and tasty sauces: You can make many different veggie sauces and preserve them in a refrigerator. It can be peanut, tomato, ranch or a hummus sauce that is healthy for your child and tastier too.

7. Become a role model for your child: You can load your dish with a good green stuff and see how your children will get inspired to eat the same stuff.

8. Heat the green: Many children hate to eat raw green food. So it is always a better option to heat the veggies or boil them. Green beans can be baked or roasted to make bean fries and serve with a sauce. You can add a dash of spicy or sweetened powder to further enhance the taste.

9. Take your child to a green trip: You can visit many green fields and stores along with your kids and show them varieties of green products in the market. You can also educate them about the advantages of eating different veggies and the difference between the varieties too.

10. Repeat the eating process: In case you fail at your first or second attempts to make your child eat a green food, you can always keep trying. Repeat the process till you are able to bring a good change in the eating habits of your family members and your kids.

A healthy vegetarian diet with right groceries and right selection of food items can help every member of the family remain healthy and active for years together.

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About the author:

Karien is a blogger and writer. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Besides this her latest interest is in latest kitchen ideas. These days she is busy in writing an article on unique body art tips. more from Karien Jones on The Practical Vegetarian  BACK TO TOP